NFL Predictions 2018: Baltimore Ravens

baltimore overview


This Ravens team is a tough nut to crack. Last year, they had their traditionally tough defense, but again struggled on the offensive side of the ball. They have decided to stick with Joe Flacco at QB, at least to start the season. We are of the opinion that that is not going to work out in their favor. Playing the NFC South and splitting games within the division should keep their win total down.

joe flacco


This is most likely the last season with Flacco at the helm, and with good reason. Their 2013 Super Bowl run notwithstanding, Joe just hasn’t been very good in a long time. The Ravens really haven’t done him any favors, refusing to surround him with much talent since that Super Bowl run. RB Alex Collins was a bright spot last year, breaking out for 973 yards and 6 TDs, but the rest of the O just did not bring enough to the table. The addition of Michael Crabtree and presence of John Brown will help, but will just not be enough to get this squad into the playoffs.


This unit ranked 3rd in defensive efficiency a year ago and they return all key players. CB Jimmy Smith will be serving a four game suspension to start the season. That should hurt them in divisional road games at Cincy and Pitt. Outside of the Smith situation, this Ravens defense should not have any issues. The biggest roadblock is going to be the tough spots we anticipate the offense placing them in.