Westgate SuperContest Week 9 Recap


Oh Baby!  The Contest is WHITE HOT right now. We may have to check with Mr. Kornegay, but we've never seen a run like this before. Vegas is getting crushed (we heard one report that books lost $10M this past weekend), the SuperContest consensus is all of a sudden unbeatable, and average SC entry was almost 3 points again this week.  We are past the halfway point and are seeing unprecedented scores.  You would now need a 66% win percentage just to get paid at this point.  We are becoming a broken record, but there's no way this hot streak continue for much longer.  Can it?  We say no, and this could be the weekend when it cools off. There's a reason they have all those tall buildings in Vegas. 

There are now 2 entries ahead of the pack, within 1 point of each other and the lead. Those entries are PERSONAL GOURMET (36 points) and @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES (35). 

On the season, the field is averaging 2.62 points per week (52.5%), which continues to be better than where we expect the field to finish.  The top 5 consensus (MIN, PIT, TEN, KC, HOU) went 5-0 AGAIN and have a 14-1 record over the last three weeks.  The top 5 picks are now 27-18 through nine weeks. 

The ProMathletics team started our hedging strategy this week. We submitted 10 entries with our "real" picks and 8 with a straight hedge.  Our picks for the week were MIA, CAR, KC, WAS, and Ten.  We went 4-1, only missing out on Washington.  We now stand at 25-18-2 (58%) after eight weeks and have 26 points in the contest.  

You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  25.5 points is now the most common entry score.  After nine weeks, the average contest entry has about 2.62 points per week.  


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