Westgate SuperContest Week 8 Recap

The contest had a much needed bounce back after the bloodbath that was week 7.  Last week, the contest only averaged 1.7 points per entry, while entires this week were almost an entire point greater at 2.53.  27 entries once again made no selections.  There are now 2 entries sharing possession of 1st place with 28 points. Splitting a share of the mid-season $15K bonus were winner of the 1st quarter bonus, "PHD Sports" and "Grand Dragon" (we have no idea if this is a Klan related entry).


The top 5 consensus  (Car, NO, Sea, Atl, Lac) went 2-3 again.  The top picks are now 14-26 (35%) on the season.  Overall, the contest now sits at 47% on the season.  We still feel pretty good about our prediction for the winning number being at 56 points, which would be about 66%.  You can see the full standings HERE.  


Both ProMathletics' entries, which picked the same selections, once again went 5-0.   Our selections were (Phi, Min, Buf, NE, KC). We could not have bounced back any harder from the nightmare that was week 7.  We now have 24 points and are tied for 96th place.  That puts at 60% and back on track to be in the mix down the stretch.


You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  The contest now has a negative skew around the average of 18.8 points.  There are really two groups out ahead of the pack, 6 entries between 27-28 and 26 entries between 25.5-26.5.


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