Westgate SuperContest Week 6 Recap

The field once again had a losing week, averaging 2.38 points per entry.  This comes as no surprise, because the underdogs once again dominated going (11-3) ATS.  There are now 23 entries out ahead of the pack with 21.5 or more points.  As we predicted last week, we do have a new leader.  With 24 points, "Tunnel Vision" is in sole possession of 1st place.


The top 5 consensus  (Pit, GB, Det, Den, Lar) went 2-3.  The top picks are now 12-18 on the season.  Overall, the contest now sits at 48.5% on the season.  Our initial prediction for the winning number is 56 points, which would be about 66%.  You can see the full standings HERE.  


Both ProMathletics' entries, which picked the same selections, once again went 3-2.   Our selections were (Phi, Det, Bal, Hou, NYJ).  Without looking into the actual statistics, I am pretty sure we are now (0-1,000) when betting on or against the Ravens.  Seriously, fuck those guys. However, the 3 wins gets us to 19 on the season and within striking distance at 63%.


You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  Amazingly, the contest is now almost a perfectly normal distribution around the average of 14.6 points.  The ProMathletics team is now tied for 127th place.


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