Westgate SuperContest Week 5 Recap

We saw a slightly below average performance in the contest this week with an average of 2.47 points per entry.  As a result, the standings at the top of the leaderboard continued to thin out with 55% of all entries having between 11 and 14 points, inclusive.  Cali Cappers is now the lone leader with 20 points after going 5-0 this week.  There are 10 other entries with 19.5 or 19 points, so it's a safe bet we'll have a new leader next week.


The top 5 consensus  (Det, Cin, Hou, Lar, Buf) got crushed, going 1-4 this week.  Interesting to note that at 1,053 selections, Det was the most selected team in the history of the SuperContest.  The picks are now 10-15 on the season.  The contest now sits at 49% on the season.  You can see the full standings HERE.  


Both ProMathletics' entries, which picked the same selections, went 3-2.   Our selections were (Buf, Det, TB, KC, NYJ).  We definitely had opportunities in both games, but just ran out of time. The Lions needed one last stop after falling behind big in the 3rd and the Bills probably win if the game is 5 minutes longer. However, the 3 wins takes us to 16 on the season and still close to our finishing target (65%) at 64%.


You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  With a below average week, the contest as a whole now takes a slightly (-2.2%) negative skew around the average of 12.2 points.  The ProMathletics team improved to 118th place out of 2,748 entries.


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