Westgate SuperContest Week 4 Recap


The SuperContest continued to see a bit more separation and once again posted a winning week, averaging 2.8 wins per entry for the second straight week.  Given the past two weeks and some of the early lines that have posted, I think it's a good bet that the field may have some trouble in week 5.  This week also created some separation at the top, with a lone leader at 17 points (SHABOOM) and one entry just .5 points off the lead with 16.5 (CLEVTA). 

On the season, the field is averaging 2.54 points per week (51%), which is a bit higher than where we expect the final percentage to finish.  We think that final percentage will be closer to 49%.  The top 5 consensus (OAK, CIN, DEN, NYG, IND) went 3-2 for the second straight week.  Interesting to note that NYG and HOU have been consensus picks twice already in the early season. The top 5 picks are now 11-9 through four weeks. 

The ProMathletics team once again played the same games on all our 18 entries.   Our picks for the week were MIN, MIA, CIN, NYJ and DEN.  We went 2-2-1, adding 2.5 points to our total.  We now stand at 11-8-1 after four weeks.  This gives us 11.5 points and a 58% win rate.

You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  10.5 points is now the most common entry score.  After four weeks, the average contest entry has about 2.5 points per week.  


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