Westgate SuperContest Week 3 Recap

We now have a solo entry residing atop the SuperContest standings.  PHD Sports, which as far as I can tell from my 15 seconds of research, is a Minnesota based baseball gear retailer/Tom Emanski competitor, went 4-1 this week to move to 13-2 on the year.  Remember, there is a $15,000 bonus for the leader after 4 weeks.  Based on just my own hunch, I am going to guess that the winner will have 16 points.  That would put 73 teams with at least 11 points still in the running for the first payout of the season.


As we mentioned before the season began, Vegas was poised to make a big comeback this year after taking some hits down the stretch last season.  Well guess what, it's happening.  Specifically, underdogs covered 10 out of 13 games on Sunday.  You can bet that helped the books clean up. 


The top 5 consensus (Oak, Den, KC, NO, Sea) went 2-3 after going 3-2 last week.  The picks are now 5-10 on the season.  The field had a slightly below .500 week, averaging 2.36 wins (47%).  The contest now sits at 46% on the season.  You can see the full standings HERE.  


Both ProMathletics' entries, which picked the same selections, went 2-3.  After a complete bone job in the Det/Atl game and a Baltimore massacre, we took a step back to 9-6 (60%). We are now 4 points off the lead and currently tied for 289th place.  However, it is a long season, and our target of 65% is right in sight.  Our selections were (Bal, Det, Buf, Car, Min).


You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  As the field had a below average week, the skew become slightly more negative.  We are starting to see more distribution, with the logjam really starting at 9 points (289th place).  


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