Westgate SuperContest Week 2 Recap

The SuperContest is back in full swing and got a gift from the football gods this week, with the announcement of Sam Darnold getting mono on Thursday after the SuperContest lines were locked in Wednesday night. This prompted a record number of entries on Browns with 61.5% of the field taking them. This has inflated the overall field record a bit, so we are anticipating a less successful showing in the upcoming weeks.

There are now 5 entries that are still undefeated, with 32 more entries sitting at 9 points. With two more weeks left in the 1st quarter contest that will yield $15,000 to the entry with the best record through the 1st 4 weeks, it's looking like 18-2 could be the number to beat. 

On the season, the field is averaging 2.7 points per week (53%). As we have mentioned in previous years, we expect the field to be ever so slightly over the 50% win rate. The top 5 consensus (Cle, Dal, Pit, Cin, LAR) went 3-2 and now have a 6-4 record on the season.  

The ProMathletics team has 20 entires in the contest this year.  We are implementing a more complicated hedging strategy this season, which may confuse a single actual record. We will be tracking a "majority of the picks" record as well as a "best entry record".  Our picks this week were (Ten, Sea, Mia, Oak, NYG). The majority of our entires are now at 5-5, with 2 entires at 8-2. 

You can see the dispersion of all the entries below. 5 points is now the most common entry score.  After two weeks, the average contest entry has about 2.7 points per week.  


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