Westgate SuperContest Week 15 Recap


It was a pretty standard SuperContest for week 15. The field averaged 2.51 wins and the consensus going 2-3 again. These last two weeks always seem to be more difficult than the others as teams rest guys for the playoffs, sit stars that have been battling injuries all season, or just want to give guys tryouts for next season. As such, look for the entires scores to be below 2.5 from here out.  However, we are still predicting the payout threshold will be 51.5 points or slightly above 60%. As for the winning target, our current guess is still 59.5 points or 70%. The good news for everyone is the top 100 get paid this year. You can find the payout structure HERE.

We pretty much have a 3-way race for the title with two weeks left. @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES and RUSH YYZ 2112 are now tied with 55 points. TEAM CLEVELAND 1 is still hanging around just .5 points off the lead with 54.5. Fourth place is 2.5 points from third at 52. It looks like the rest of the field is really playing for fourth at this point. 

On the season, the field is averaging 2.55 points per week (51%) which is still slightly better than where we expect the field to finish.  The top 5 consensus (Ind, Ten, Sea, NE, GB) went 2-3 for the sixth straight week.  The top 5 picks are now 39-36.

The ProMathletics team continued our hedging strategy this week. We submitted 10 entries with our "real" picks and 8 with a straight hedge.  Our picks for the week were Den, Det, Sea, Pit, and Phi.  We went 3-2. We now stand at 47-26-2 (64%) after 15 weeks and have 48 points in the contest, which puts us in 32nd place out of 3,123 entries.  

You can see the dispersion of all the entries below. 38 points is now the most common entry score.  After 15 weeks, the average contest entry has about 2.55 points per week. 


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