Westgate SuperContest Week 10 Recap


Well, we finally got some regression this week. The average entry got just 2.3 wins. As we knew would happen eventually, everyone cooled off. There were just 16 entries to go 5-0 this week.  Seven weeks is a lot of time to make up ground, but we can now see the final stretch coming around the corner. You would now need a 65% win percentage just to get paid at this point. Even with the largest field ever, we still don't believe the payment threshold will end that high. 

There are now 2 entries ahead of the pack, within 1/2 point of each other and the lead. Those entries are PERSONAL GOURMET (38.5 points) and @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES (38). 

On the season, the field is averaging 2.59 points per week (52%), which continues to be better than where we expect the field to finish.  The top 5 consensus (PHI, ATL, SEA, NE, LAC) went 2-3, cooling off after having one of the hottest runs we've ever seen.  The top 5 picks are now 29-21 through nine weeks. 

The ProMathletics team continued our hedging strategy this week. We submitted 10 entries with our "real" picks and 8 with a straight hedge.  Our picks for the week were MIA, CAR, SEA, WAS, and TEN.  We went 3-2, as several Dolphins drives stalled and ended with FGs instead of TDs.  We now stand at 28-20-2 (58%) after ten weeks and have 29 points in the contest.  

You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  26.5 points is now the most common entry score.  After nine weeks, the average contest entry has about 2.59 points per week. 


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