Westgate SuperContest Week 2 Recap


This week, the Westgate SuperContest was an absolute bloodbath.  Week 2 of the NFL season typically represents a gross overreaction to week 1, but this year seems like something different.  It almost feels like an overreaction to not overreact.  If you take a look at the top 5 consensus this week, (Hou, NYG, Pit, NE, Phi) they are all teams that performed less than they were expected to in week 1.  The public wanted to continue to believe in the preseason prognostications, and put their money on the line.  It looks like it may take a couple more weeks t really determine how good these teams are going to be this season.

Overall, the field averaged 1.93 points per entry (39%), putting the contest at 47% on the season.  The top 13 consensus went 3-10!  In fact, more entries achieved zero wins (210) than those that secured five and four wins combined (188).  When these types of weeks have happened in the past, we often see bounce back weeks from the field, so be prepared for a 2.8ish type week in week 3.

The ProMathletics team once again played the same games on all our 18 entries.   Our picks for the week were Car, Det, NE, Dal, and Sea.  We went 2-3, all in pretty decisive results.  We now stand at 5-5 after two weeks.

You can see the dispersion of all the entries below.  Five points is now the most common entry score.  After two weeks, the average contest entry has 2.34 points per week.  


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