Week 2 - Thursday Night Football

Cincinnati Bengals PK at Home vs. Baltimore Ravens



Week 2 usually presents a lot of value for us as the public betters grossly overreact to Week 1 like it’s clockwork. That remains the case this year and we see a LOT of juice out there for us over the weekend. That being said, this Thursday Night Football matchup could not possibly be more firmly in the RedZone. In fact, this is the lowest recorded value we have ever observed in our three years of running ProMathletics. 

All of our proprietary modeling says that, and we are not joking, Cincinnati should be a 0.1- point favorite. That is the definition of no value when the current line is pick ‘em. This is as much of a coin flip as can exist, from our perspective. If you want to bet the game, great, the odds you get it correct are exactly 50%, which represents a negative expected value unless you can get +100 juice. If we had a gun to our head, we would side with the Bengals who are at home on a short week in a divisional match up. Both teams looked good last week with the Ravens dominating a very bad Bills team and the Bengals getting a quality win on the road against the Colts, who appear to be returning to form. 

As always, our full weekly NFL write-up will be out on Saturday afternoon around 3pm EST. We are going to have about 6-8 games that fall into the GreenZone with some more analysis pending over the next couple of days. If you haven't joined the party yet, now is a good time to subscribe.  Check out all our products HERE. 

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