TNF GreenZone Alert - Bengals at Browns

Las Vegas Super Contest Spread:  Bengals +6

[6.6 Units] Cincinnati Bengals (+6) at Cleveland Browns
6.6 Units – CIN +6 or more
3.3 Units – CIN +5.5 
No Action – CIN +5 or less

What a primetime match up we have...for the state of Ohio.  The story lines for the media are great in this game, but the football played last week by these two teams was not.  We have the Heisman winning, reigning national champion, #1 draft pick QB returning to his home state to save the infamous Bungles franchise that has been kicked around for decades in one corner.  In the other corner, we have the Clowns doing the same old dance to the same old song.  Fire everyone, draft a QB, get a new HC, and then as soon as it sputters, rinse and repeat.

So maybe Week 1 wasn't the best for either of these teams, but guess what, one will be 1-1 on the year after this game!  It's hard to overreact (see our blog for some overreactions to all Week 1 games) to either of these teams 2020 performance for different reasons.  The Browns had a tough draw, starting on the road at the Ravens who are loaded and basically the exact same team that went through the league like a buzzsaw the 2nd half of 2019.  You have to discount what your eyes saw in that atrocious start.  The Bengals, on the other hand, looked pretty good for the majority of the game before pissing it away in a very Bengals type way.

Tonight is a new deal, though, and we have to cleanse our mind from the equally ugly aspects to each of these teams Week 1 letdowns and focus in on the one thing that doesn't lie: the data.  We currently have the Bengals as our 2nd worst team and that seems like a reasonable season-long expectation.  The Browns are coming in at slightly better, but are still easily within our bottom-10.  When we toss it all in the hopper, we are seeing this as more of a 3-ish point game.  We like getting the full +6, but would be gun shy at only 5.5.  Lucky for you, this one has been pegged at 6 the last couple days and you shouldn't have any issue getting down.  

If you want a public stat to make yourself feel more comfortable, the Browns are 1-5 in their last 6 games, while the Bengals are 2-4.  Spotting a touchdown is crazy for such equally bad teams... hopefully that gets you some more warm and fuzzies.  We'll be back tomorrow with our full weekend write-up.  Let's get to 1-0 tonight and make it a BIG Week 2!

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