Takeaways from NFL Week One

This is one of our favorite times of the year, we still have months of football ahead of us, it’s no longer hot as balls, and everyone is overreacting and drawing conclusions from one week of football. Many times, those ideas stay with us throughout the season. This is not beneficial.  There is a lot of football left, so we would like to help out with some real takeaways and potential overreactions from all of the action this past weekend. We’ll take it game by game, so HERE WE GO.

Texans 20 - Chiefs 34

Overreaction: The Chiefs are unstoppable and will probably go 16-0. No doubt, KC is very good, but their defense has some holes, which will limit them to 11 to 13 wins.

Takeaway: It’s not a good idea to trade away one of the best WRs in the league. We believed these other guys would step up on the outside for the Texans, but it may take some time for them to figure it out. There is still potential to find some value later in the season. 

Browns 6 - Ravens 38

Overreaction: The Browns suck. Baltimore is probably the second-best team in the NFL and are returning pretty much everyone so they had a distinct advantage with no preseason. Meanwhile Cleveland has a new head coach, who was not given the benefit of seeing his plan in action prior to this one.

Takeaway: The Ravens are really really good, but they can be run on and you gotta think Lamar is gonna take a direct shot eventually. Also, Mark Andrews has taken the leap into the upper echelon of TEs.

Seahawks 38 - Falcons 25

Overreaction: Russell Wilson is completely unstoppable and his eephus throws are indefensible. That cannot work forever, can it?

Takeaway: This isn’t your older brother’s Seahawks defense. While the Falcons may be the same old underachievers, they still were able to move the ball.

Jets 17 - Bills 27

Overreaction: Josh Allen has arrived.  300 yards and 3 straight TD drives to start the season. It’s too bad they don’t get to play this hapless Jets team every week. It will become much more difficult to overcome his ridiculous laterals when they play an average team.

Takeaway: The Jets are in fact, very bad. They will most likely be 0-4 by the time Lev Bell is eligible to return to the field.

Bears 27 - Lions 23

Overreaction: Trubisky has turned it around and will save his job in Chicago. Settle down people. This was a banged-up Detroit secondary and they should have won anyway.

Takeaway: We could be looking at the same old Lions. They have the talent to compete against anyone, but injuries on defense could make it tough. This is a team that should have a decent ATS record when the dust settles.


Packers 43 - Vikings 34

Overreaction: This is the Aaron Rodgers revenge tour. He is still one of the best, but this is not the Vikings defense we have come to know. He gets a decimated Lions secondary next week, so this one may stick around for a while.

Takeaway: The Vikings may be headed for title of disappointment of the year. This game was nowhere near as close as the final score.


Dolphins 11 - Patriots 21

Overreaction: The Cam hype train has pulled out of the station and the Pats will be in the AFC championship game. Miami is improved but are still not a good barometer for the top tier teams. 

Takeaway: Cam does look healthy, but they still only scored 21 points. This week will definitely tell us more when they face Seattle.


Eagles 17 - Washington 27

Overreaction: The sky is falling in Philadelphia. While they probably are not a playoff team, we see them as an average club who will be in the hunt with the extra playoff spot this year.

Takeaway: As suspected, the Washingtons’ defensive line is scary and Haskins has certainly improved. They will get beat up at times, but will give good teams problems.  The ultimate wildcard this season.


Raiders 34 - Panthers 30

Overreaction: Does anyone care enough to react to this game?

Takeaway: The Raiders can run the ball and Teddy Bridgewater is a starting caliber QB.


Colts 20 - Jaguars 27

Overreaction: The Colts are frauds. It’s one game and a new QB with no preseason does not help performance. Give them some time.

Takeaway: This Jags teams reminds us a lot of the Dolphins last year. Everyone thinks they are tanking, but they have a decent QB and a bunch of professionals that plan on playing hard every week. There is a good chance we’ll be on them a few more times this year.


Chargers 16 - Bengals 13

Overreaction: Joe Burrow is the second coming. Cool your jets, bud. They scored 13 points and lost.

Takeaway: This feels like the same Chargers team that we’ve seen forever. Sure, they won, but they did just about everything in their power to lose. A borderline OPI and missed close FG saved them, but that won’t happen every week.


Buccaneers 23 - Saints 34

Overreaction: Tom Brady is old and Bill got rid of him just in time. Tom and the Patriots always had a habit of starting slow.  They’ll be fine.  There is too much talent on this team for them not to be.

Takeaway: Guess what? Drew Brees is also old and may not be the best QB on the Saints at this point. The Saints have a great defense, but it will be interesting to see what the offense looks like without Michael Thomas for a bit.


Cardinals 24 - 49ers 20

Overreaction: The Cardinals are FOR REAL. Kyler Murray and the boys might as well book tickets to Tampa right now. The addition of Hopkins has helped these guys improve, but they are still a year away from true contention.

Takeaway: The NFC West is going to be a dogfight. Anyone of those teams could make the playoffs, but they will beat up on each other making this head to head battles even more meaningful.


Cowboys 17 - Rams 20

Overreaction: This is the same old Cowboys team. They are overhyped and will disappoint once again. This may be the biggest question of the season. It seems like the talent may need to overcome another less than stellar coach, however.

Takeaway: Aaron Donald is so damn good. If you love football, you gotta appreciate the opportunity to see this generational talent do work every Sunday. Rams are frisky.


Steelers 26 - Giants 16

Overreaction: The Steelers are Super Bowl contenders. They were playing the Giants and if there is a prop that Ben will miss some time this season, take it. Granted, the defense is very fast, but watch teams gameplan for that and take advantage with some big plays.

Takeaway: The Giants are not awful and dare I say, Danny Dimes could be good.  Outside of that atrocious INT, he dealt with the pressure pretty well, which should only help him against teams that aren’t as blitz happy.


Titans 16 - Broncos 14

Overreaction: This was another tough one to watch. The Broncos were banged up and the Titans missed 3 FGs and won. We do not believe Tannehill throwing the ball 43 times is a winning recipe going forward. They ran 78 offensive plays and scored 16 points. For reference, they averaged 59 plays a game in 2019.

Takeaway: Derrick Henry is still a beast. He notched 31 carries. The Titans can move the ball, they just need Corey Davis to continue to show up and they will be around in January.

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