Super Bowl LIV Prop Bets

We often refer to the Super Bowl as the Super Bowl of gambling events. Well this Sunday certainly certainly provides us plenty of opportunity to satiate our gambling needs before the absolute worst day of the entire year (the Monday after the Super Bowl, as it represents the longest possible time before more football). The leap year factor only adds to this draught. Nevertheless, there are props aplenty to wager on this weekend and we have identified a few of our favorites. HERE WE GO!

National Anthem – Over 120 Seconds

Last year we had Gladys Knight and she absolutely demolished the over 108.5 we put on the board. This year we get Demi Lovato.  Demi is no stranger to the national anthem, at Mayweather-McGregor she blew past the 120 second mark. We have seen her do a few other performances outdoors for lesser publicized events, those renditions fell under 120.  If we look at the performers over 120 in the past when the lights and camera come into play; we get Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys (with a piano), Idina Menzel, Lady Gaga, and Luke Bryan. It’s tough to not put Demi in the same style box as these other performers. Have to go the over here and take it in as she lights the place up!


Coin Toss – Heads (-101)

Martingale alert! Last year we went heads, and the toss came up tails. Of the 53 total coin tosses in the Super Bowl, 28 have been tails (52.83%), and 25 have been heads (47.17%). As we all should be aware the long-term probability of this flip should result in an even 50/50 split. The longest streak of consecutive heads/tails in a row was five, which was heads and done from Super Bowl 43 to 47, Super Bowl 48 to 51 was a four-game tail streak. We still see room for reversion to the mean and heads prevailing. Take heads and try to find the juice at -101.  Make sure you find a book that doesn’t have a low dollar cap if you do plan to martingale, or you may have to place two best to get the size needed.


Gatorade Color – Lime/Green/Yellow (+450)

This is a tricky one to call. In the 19 games since Super Bowl 35, we have seen the following colors dumped on the winning coach:

Early on in betting, red was the clear favorite, but ever since rumors of both teams going to purple to honor Kobe Bryant spread throughout twitter, purple has gone from 12-1 to now -130. This bet is now significantly more risky. Are teams really planning on drinking purple gatorade on the biggest day of their athletic lives for a super brief moment to honor Kobe? Before the purple rumors, we felt the same way about red. Yellow is the most popular flavor and has juiced up odds, so we are sticking with our original pick, knowing that the purple rumors could still prove to be true. 

Jimmy G Total Rush Yards  – Over 3.5 (-110)

With the absence of Tommy this year, we had to take his protégé for our favorite and sure fire lock of the year. We don’t miss on this bet, and don’t plan to start now. Jimmy G is fully capable of rushing if needed. He doesn’t make a living off it, but when the chiefs dial the heat up and he needs to take off, we only need 4 yards for this one to cash. Jimmy went over 4 yards 8 times this year and had a high of 20 yards in one game. We love this as SF has committed to the run and we could see some sneaks and quick play action that evolves into a QB rush. Lock this one up!


Patrick Mahomes Longest Rush  – Over 12.5 (-110)

The best player in football is going to do whatever it takes to win this game. We’ve seen the magic the last two playoff games and don’t see it stopping. SF has a suffocating front 4, but that just means when the pocket gets moved and Patrick starts to run, the field should be open. KC has way too many downfield weapons to leave a spy on Mahomes, and frankly they will take a 12 yard rush over a 75 yard bomb. We see this happening without a whole lot of effort. Take the over and enjoy the show.


Emmanuel Sanders Total Receiving Yards – Over 40.5 (-110)

Talk about recency bias! The last couple powerful run performances by SF have beat this one down. But what happens when Mahomes becomes Mahomes and SF is forced to pass the ball? We’ll get the SF/NO game from earlier this year all over again. The high total suggests what should be an offensive game, so why not take the best receiver on what could be a play from behind effort. We like this one a lot and think there is plenty of value to be had.


Opening Kickoff is a Touchback – No (+130)

Two teams that have not been here before will be out of their mind dialed in! When that kick goes up you can imagine the adrenaline the returner will have as it floats into his arms. No way you could take a knee and not try and take the opening kick to the house. Returns are a rarity these days, but we love the thought of a return right off the deck.

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