Ravens @ Steelers Hump Day Special

We must look for silver linings in this shit platter of a year that is 2020. Well we can confidently say an NFL game at 3:40 on a Wednesday fits the bill. We're all stuck at home pretending we are learning new hobbies or actually reading books we've purchased and BOOM, here's an AFC North battle in the middle of hump day. Some may say you would need the willpower of a Tibetan Monk to not have at least a little sprinkling of action on this game. There is one major obstacle for us in this scenario, how do you use analytics to predict such an insane situation? Well here we go.

Covid has absolutely ravaged the Ravens this week. No Lamar, down two RBs, DL, LB, TE/FB positions are all severely downgraded. Under normal circumstances, we would have this game at about a 5 point Steelers advantage. So the question is, how many points are all of these guys + no practice worth? Joe Public would say it's about a touchdown difference. Hence the new spread at 10.5. Let's not forget that Pitt is undefeated with the best defense in the league and the Ravens have lost 3 of the last 4 and boast a bottom third offense WITH all their running backs the the reigning MVP behind center. 

This feels like a classic "of course they got destroyed, RG3 is starting and the team is ravaged, what did you expect?" game. Because of the straight up weirdness surrounding this game, we can not offer an official GreenZone recommendation, however,  if you are looking for an entertainment wager, we gotta side with the Steelers this afternoon. One suggestion would be to buy the .5 point to get this to a more manageable 10 point spread. Come on, get some action, embrace the weirdness of the 2020 season. Besides, you probably need a break from Bill Walton and the Maui Invitational for a while. 

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