Proxy for the Las Vegas Super Contest?? ...We Know a Guy


The Las Vegas Super Contest has been soaring in popularity…consistently increasing the number of participants each year.  Last year, entries hit an all-time high of 1,754 and it is on pace to surpass that number in 2017.  There are a plenty of locals still entering the season-long pursuit of placing in the top 50, but the primary factor in the explosion of growth is out-of-towners getting into the action.  The process for entering the competition sounds simple enough; plop down $1,500, pick an entry name, make your 5 selections against the spread each week, and collect the 1st place winnings after week 17.  Piece of cake.  Well, it’s a piece of cake if you live in Las Vegas and can drive to the Westgate to submit your picks in person once a week…


For those of you like us, who do not live in Vegas, there is an affordable and reliable solution to this minor inconvenience.  With the cost of entry and the potential winnings at stake, it’s critically important to have a proxy you can trust.  You want to be sure that your picks are being entered correctly, that you aren’t giving information away to someone who is also competing against you, and that if (when!) you do win, you aren’t coughing up a large percentage of those winnings to someone else.  When we first set out to enter the competition, we did all the research we could on the internet.  It boiled down to someone that had a compensation structure we liked and our gut instinct…we could not have made a better decision. 


Larry K. of is as steady as the sun rising every morning.  It is our unbiased opinion that he is the best in the biz!  He charges a reasonable, flat, fee and does not participate in any percentage of your potential winnings.  He does not enter the contest, which as crazy as it sounds, there are proxies out there who compete against those they represent.  And most importantly, the guy “does his job”.  Always responsive and thorough, there has never been even a sliver of doubt that there was a misunderstanding or our picks weren’t going to be entered accurately.  With upwards of a million dollars in potential winnings on the line, getting the job done with NO mistakes is numero uno on the list of “must haves” for your proxy.  Even with all of those shots in his bag, Larry goes out of his way to be a pleasure to do business with.  Stress levels can run high for all of us during football season…it’s nice to have a consistently cordial presence on your side.


We aren’t rewarded in any way by for this recommendation.  We decided to publish this post because we want to help anyone out there considering entering the competition for the first time.  There are a lot of potential proxies out there, but it’s a little bit of a leap of faith when deciding who to go with.  It has been our firsthand experience if you go with Larry K., all you have to worry about is which games to take…there won’t be any worrying about your proxy.   

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