Pop's Day 2018 - Finally Stop Letting your Old Man Down

Father’s day presents were pretty easy when we were all kids growing up. Scrounge up some construction paper and crayons and make a card.  Easy, effective, and always appreciated.  Fast forward a few years and Timmy’s macaroni art no longer makes the cut.  Mother’s day becomes difficult as there is nothing quite like figuring out what a to get a mom that says, “I love you and thank you for all you do for me”, but also doesn’t give away the fact that you remembered it was mother’s day 30 minutes before you meet up for a mother’s day brunch.  This can be easily solved with a quick trip to basically any grocery store, pharmacy, etc. for some flowers and a card… throw some cash and a heartfelt note to mom you found on the old Google machine and you’re good to go!  All kidding aside, get your parents or loved one something nice for the day.  These are the days to say sorry for all ordeals and disappointments we have so graciously bestowed upon them.  From the glamorous days of our snot nosed youth, to the proud days of us walking during high school graduation, hungover and graduating with that middle of the pack GPA.  It’s time to give back and get a well thought out gift for the Dad this year.

Dad can be very easy to shop for, but after he has enough tools and cheesy coffee mugs to last three life times, what do you get him?  Get him something he can actually use.  Not another pair of cargo shorts, but with football season right around the corner, the perfect father’s day gift would be a Promathletics football season pass!  It cost nearly $250k to raise your degenerate ass from 0-18 years.  Like father like son, you probably picked up gambling after watching the old man scream at the TV, so how about connecting through a little common ground and help Pops win some of that cash back with one of the ProMathletics monthly or season passes.

For a 20% discount on ALL products 6/17 through 6/24 at midnight, use promo code: POPS

It’s never too late to be great!

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