One More for the Road - Steelers Slide Into the Green in Cincy

What a week 13 so far for all the PROlievers out there...a 7-record and back up to +92 units is definitely what we would deem a successful week.  Our SuperContest results were a little disheartening as we went 3-2 with our 5...even though we are 7-2 overall...that's just bad luck.  Speaking of bad...that Titans vs. Texans last 2 minutes doesn't get much more heartbreaking for the Texans backers.  Bad beats aside, this train keeps on rolling forward and scooping up units week in and week out.


This game tonight originally was a YellowZone pick for us because the Westgate Super Contest line was Steelers -5.5.  The concern surrounding Antonio Brown's foot and Martavis Bryant has driven it down to -4.5 to -4.  We sent an alert to our paid subscribers at about 1pm EST with the following details:


GreenZone Alert:

Pit -4 (5.9 unit play)

Pit -4.5 (3 unit play)

Pit -5 (no action)


If you truly are a value bettor, little changes in line movement can have a big impact on what your expected win percentage is.  For us, this game was a very cuspy one and we got our full, 5.9% of bankroll, exposure on as soon as we saw it had dipped all the way down to -4.  That's part of the biz, baby, and when you roll with ProMathletics as a paid subscriber, that's the added level of insights and alerts you get on a weekly basis.  It all adds up in the end, trust us.


We have slashed our package prices since we are getting less and less football remaining this year.  That being said, there is still a LOT of action to profit from with NFL Playoffs and College Bowl Season being the best part of the year.  +92 units...can you afford NOT to ride along down the stretch?? 

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