NFL Week 2 Recap

+6   [6.6 Units] Cincinnati Bengals (+6) at Cleveland Browns
+6   [6.6 Units] Jacksonville Jaguars (+8.5) at Tennessee Titans 
+6   [6.6 Units] Miami Dolphins (+5.5) at home with Buffalo Bills
-6.6 [6.6 Units] Carolina Panthers (+9) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
-6.6 [6.6 Units] New York Jets (+6.5) at home with San Francisco 49ers
-6.6 [6.6 Units] Houston Texans (+7) at home with Baltimore Ravens
Weekly Total:  -1.8 Units
Season Total: -4.2 Units

Well, we are again with a 50% in the GreenZone performance to start the season.  The public absolutely dominated in Week 2, with one of the worst weekend performances for Vegas books in the last couple years.  For us to essentially breakeven with a 3-3 is a win in our opinion.  We say that because our best weekends are usually when the public does very poorly.

Our Monday Night Football leans on the Raiders and the over helped us personally get back into the black for the week, but at any rate, we are still locked and loaded for Week 3.  Avoiding big losses is one of the best ways to maintain a profitable season and although we haven't had a great start to the season, we are still in very good shape looking forward.


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