NFL Week 1 Thursday Night Football - Packers at Bears

Pick: Bears (-3) in the RedZone...i.e. NOT a valued play.

The long national nightmare that is the NFL off-season is officially over!  We made it!  Unfortunately, for those among us with the ability to produce winning wagering seasons year after year, tonight will NOT mark the beginning of our 2019 NFL betting year.  Our Sunday/Monday write-up for all NFL subscribers will be released at the same time it has been the last four years…Saturday at 2pm EST.  With our initial data, it is looking like we are going to have 6 games in the GreenZone with the potential of up to 7 for Week 1.

For those of you who haven’t subscribed to receive our valued NFL plays this year…now is the time to do it!  We pump out 60%+ winners every year and more importantly, provide bet-sizing methodology guidance that results in a winning season for the place that it matters most, your bankroll.

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