NFL Week 1 Recap - Bleeding the Juice

+6   [6.6 Units] Jacksonville Jaguars (+8) at home with Indianapolis Colts
+6   [6.6 Units] Los Angeles Rams (+3) at home with Dallas Cowboys
-6.6 [6.6 Units] Atlanta Falcons (+2.5) at home with Seattle Seahawks 
-6.6 [6.6 Units] Carolina Panthers (+3) at home with Las Vegas Raiders 
+0   [6.6 Units] Cincinnati Bengals (+3) at home with LA Chargers 
-6.6 [6.6 Units] New York Jets (+6.5) at Buffalo Bills 
+6   [6.6 Units] The Washington Washington's (+5.5) at home with Philadelphia Eagles 
-6.6 [6.6 Units] New York Giants (+6) at home with Pittsburgh Steelers 
+6   [6.6 Units] Denver Broncos (+2.5) at home with Tennessee Titans
Weekly Total: -2.4 Units
Season Total: -2.4 Units


We started the season with a courageous nine game slate that did not leave us, or our subscribers, lacking sufficient action. One day when reviewing previous practice film, I had a coach rip a fellow teammate because the guy ran a nasty route and then dropped the perfectly delivered pass. He said that play was about like having a 13-inch dick that doesn't get looks great, but it's useless.  I share that heartwarming anecdote because that's kind of what Week 1 felt like to me.  All of us waited what felt like an eternity to have some meaningful football...we get this monster slate just BURSTING with value...and then...blah.  We ended up grinding it out to a 4-4-1 that has us down ever so slightly in the GreenZone. 

You know what though, sometimes just having a dick is enough.  We could have been scared to go out there and run our process in the face of some additional uncertainty, but we had a great week of evaluation and at least went out there to run a beautiful route. The system still had a solid week going 10-5-1 overall, for a 66.7% win rate. That's not good enough, though, we make our hay in the GreenZone and we know that.  We'll get it going and look to take advantage of some overreaction in Week 2.   

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