NCAAB Power Rankings

The NCAAB Power Rankings are finally here! Every Thursday we’ll publish our rankings and give insight on moves up and down the board, along with the matchups to watch for the coming week. This is our proprietary ranking that took two years to develop, without further ado let’s have a look at our first board.

The Top 5 teams this week are unchanged from last week’s data, although we did have a shuffle at the top. Virginia now is the Number 1 team in our rankings after we saw Duke go down to Cuse. The biggest move up the board comes from TCU moving up 6 spots from 23 to 17. The biggest moves down the board came from Oklahoma and Virginia Tech, both dropping 3 spots. Those on the brink of breaking into the Top 25 were; Indiana, Ohio State, NC State, Marquette and Cincinnati.

We're certain to see some shake up for next week as we have some MONSTER matchups this Saturday. Duke hosts UVA, Kentucky travels to Auburn, and NC State gets streaky ND. Check back on Saturday for our full write up on the Duke/UVA matchup along with a free pick.

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