NCAA Power Rankings

The NCAAB Power Rankings as of February 28th are out! Every Thursday we’ll publish our rankings and give insight on moves up and down the board, along with the matchups to watch for the coming week! This is our proprietary ranking that took two years to develop, without further ado let’s have a look at the 7th weekly board.

The Top 5 teams for the fourth week in a row are changed. The Gonzaga Bulldogs are the new #1, after a tough stretch by Duke. Duke falls to 3rd but only by a small margin. The biggest move up the board comes from Marquette. Houston and Gonzaga are the only teams with perfect records over their last 10 games. Florida State and Purdue are quietly playing their best ball, right before things get serious. The biggest move down the board came from Louisville dropping four spots.

Some absolutely red hot teams to watch come tourney play are Cincinnati, Wofford, Washington, VCU, Utah State, New Mexico State, Belmont, South Dakota State, and Old Dominion. Keep them on your radar as we get closer to the big dance.

Another strong weekend ahead with some big games to look forward to! We have LSU @ Bama, NC State @ Florida State, Gonzaga @ St. Mary’s, Kentucky @ UT, UCF @ Houston, and Nevada @ Utah State. Check back on Saturday for our full write up and free side on Kentucky and Tennessee. That game will help to decide the SEC title.

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