NCAA Power Rankings

The NCAAB Power Rankings as of February 7th are out! Every Thursday we’ll publish our rankings and give insight on moves up and down the board, along with the matchups to watch for the coming week! This is our proprietary ranking that took two years to develop, without further ado let’s have a look at the fourth weekly board.


The Top 5 teams this week are completely changed from last week’s ranking, finally. The most action we have seen yet! Duke claims the top spot and the throne after continued dominance. Tennessee falls out and UNC slides into the five slot. Here comes Kentucky and Purdue, both winning 9 of their last 10. We have seen this scenario a thousand times from the bluegrass bourbon boys, get hot before the tourney only to disappoint due to lack of experience. The biggest move up the board comes from Florida State, coming from unranked up to 21st. Houston and Villanova are absolute fire right now going 10-0 over their last 10 games. The biggest move down the board came from Michigan sliding two slots. Welcome back to the Big Board; Florida State, Iowa, and Mississippi State.

What a weekend ahead! We have Wisconsin @ Michigan, UK @ Miss State, Nova @ Marquette, Louisville @ FSU, and Duke @ UVA. Check back on Saturday for our full write up and free side on the rematch of the year when Duke and UVA go at it. If you recall, we literally called the first game to the half point, as UVA hit a last second shot to cover and beat us by .5. We got this one, trust us.

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