NBA Power Rankings

Welcome to the NBA Power Rankings. Every Friday we’ll publish our rankings and give insight on moves up and down the board, along with the matchups to watch for the coming week. This is our proprietary ranking that took two years to develop, without further ado let’s have a look at the board.

This week's power rankings is SH-SH-SH Shaken up.  We have movement all over the place, most notably at the top, as the Bucks reclaim the top spot from the Warriors. The Thunder also jumped up a few spots to settle into the top 5.  Could they be a problem come playoff time if Playoff P stays hot? If the Warriors lose, does that cement KD to the Knicks? A lot of questions still to be answered as we prepare for All-Star weekend. Can the Cavs ever come out of the basement now that Kevin Love is back? Only time will tell. 


No NBA for a few days, but we have some odds for the All-Star festivities. We'll take Hamidou Diallo (+400) and his 44.5 in vert in the slam dunk contest. In the 3-point shootout, we like Damian Lillard (+900). As for the game, gotta go with Team LeBron only giving 6 points. 


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