NBA on TNT - Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers Prediction

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

Tip: 10:30pm EST

Market Line:  LAL +3

ProMathletics Play: LAL +3


We are officially into the 2nd half of the NBA season and the matchups around the league tonight do not disappoint.  The first half of the double-header features the Celtics at the Bucks and then the night closes with this big-time matchup of stars in LA.  Not a bad way to get back into the swing of things after the all star break.

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers NBA on TNT Match up

There are plenty of story lines around this one, but the most recent is that LeBron is entering his self-proclaimed "playoff mode"...also known as zero-dark LeBron.  Whether you like the guy or not, there is no debating that he flips the switch in the playoffs and turns into something that resembles an alien.  When he goes full effort there is a noticeable difference to even the most casual of fans. 

Our models have this game right at about a pick-em, and that is even with the Lakers still a little bit undervalued by our data, in our opinion, because of the 18 games that occurred without LeBron playing.  In a nutshell, their output on the season is lower than what will be taking the court tonight because of that accumulated data.  We like the data, but also don't hate that the Lakers are 3 games out of the playoffs and the best player on the planet just said he's going to get it stoking to make a push.

This should be a very entertaining matchup and we are going to take the home-dog with LeBron trying to back up his recent self-hype in the media and system value.  Now is also a great time to sign-up for a week of NBA plays in general to get all of our valued plays.  Start the 2nd half of the season with a nice little heater for the price of less than any single bet you'll make! 

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