Monday Night Football - Vikings at Seahawks Prediction

Monday Night Football heads to Seattle tonight in a game that falls into our red zone based on the 3.5-point spread in favor of the Seahawks as published by the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest.  That spread, as with all our picks, is what we use to determine whether or not a pick is a winner.  There are obviously very many sportsbooks out there and lines are bouncing around all day every day, so we use that standard as a very public and easy to reconcile market.  That being said, the live line on this game at time of publishing for most books is down to -3.

As most bettors know, the hook on the 3.5 is a very key half point.  With the live line being down to 3 it opens up the door to push the game if it is indeed a close one, as the market is predicting.  We would bump this one up into the yellow zone if you can get it at 3, but it's still not quite juicy enough to be in the GreenZone.  For this one to be in the Green, we'd need it to be -2.5 with -110 juice...buying the half point changes the payout which then means it needs to have even more value for it to have the appropriate risk/return trade-off we look for.

This should be a very competitive game between the two teams currently slotted into the NFC Wildcard.  The Seahawks need the wild card because the Rams clinched the division last week and it is unlikely the Vikings will be able to catch the Bears (crazy to say that) in the NFC North.  That should translate to some very intense football tonight with a playoff-like atmosphere.  Seattle is a little bit better on offense and special teams, but the Vikings have performed like a top-10 defense this year, while the Seahawks have been just about league average.  It will be interesting to see how both interior offensive lines hold up because they have both struggled at times this year and are going against formidable front-7s.  We have this as about a 3.5 to 4-point game in favor of the Hawks.  That isn't enough to have our 60% GreenZone win expectancy, but if you're looking for a little dusting of action, the SeaBirds are the way to go.

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