Monday Night Football - New England Patriots at Jets

New England Patriots (-9.5) at New York Jets

ProMathletics Pick: GreenZone - New England

[6.6 Units] New England Patriots (-9.5) at NY Jets 
6.6 Units – NE -9.5 or less 
3.3 Units – NE -10 
No Action – NE -10.5 or more 
It's pretty rare that we get to be on teams that actually inspire feelings of warmth and confidence.  When you win 60% year after year, you get very used to going against the public sentiment and that more times than not means you aren't on the perennial Super Bowl favorites.  However, tonight we are in the GreenZone with a double-digit favorite!!

Thursday Night Football - Patriots at Jets ProMathletics Prediction

Through 6 weeks, New England is once again the class of the NFL, but this time it is their defense that is leading the way. Tommy and the boys are still a top-10 offense, but the defense has been the driving force. With the return of Sam Darnold, this is certainly a different Jets offense, which is to say it is probably not the 2nd worst offense in the NFL, but they will not be putting up big numbers against this Pats D. On the other side of the ball, we were led to believe the Jets defense was going to be very good this season, but our current rankings have them as a slightly worse than average group. This game is supposed to be a rivalry, but it hasn’t felt that way in a long time. However, Bill B and the rest of the Patriots still enjoy running it up when they get the chance. This line has been waffling between 9.5 and 10, and we LOVE it at 9.5, but 10 points is a key number that makes this one decidedly less attractive. This is the Monday night game, but don’t wait till Monday to secure the juicy 9.5. (this commentary was originally released on Saturday to subscribed customers!)

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