Monday Night Football Giants at 49ers Prediction

Week 10 was filled with a pretty strong slate of compelling matchups of playoff caliber teams...tonight's game does not fall into that category.  When the executives at the NFL and ESPN were trying to decide which game to make the Monday Night primetime Week 10 display, they definitely weren't banking on these two teams having three combined wins at kickoff.  Regardless of how big of a disappoint each of these teams is to their respective fans this year, we will not be fans of either tonight, as the game falls firmly into our RedZone.  Our proprietary models have this as almost exactly a 3-point game in favor of the 49ers which is right on top of the Las Vegas SuperContest published spread and the line that's been publicly available to bet for basically the entire week.

Our sincerest apologies go out to Nick Mullens for our take on him before last week's BIG time matchup of the 49ers against the Raiders on TNF.  That brutal matchup was another RedZone stay away for us, but we said if we were forced to take a side, we felt more comfortable with the Raiders than the 49ers potentially trotting out this young, swagy, gunslinger we didn't know...Mr. Nick Mullens.  Well, we have flipped our script this week.  Again, this is not something we recommended betting for anything greater than entertainment or forced pick 'em purposes, but if you have to...we are leaning 49ers tonight.

We aren't sold on Mullens after one start, but Eli Manning isn't really outplaying any QB not named Nathan Peterman at this point.  More importantly, the Giants are trotting out another new starting offensive line combination tonight and it's not because the idea of constantly acquiring and rotating free agent offensive linemen into the starting lineup has proved to be an effective strategy.  We anticipate this 49ers defensive line, led by Buckner and Thomas, to be able to get consistent heat on Eli.  The kind of heat where he just flops onto the ground before anyone can get close enough to tap him...the move he has patented the last couple years.

On the other side of the ball, the Giants secondary is playing about as bad as any in the league.  Outside of Collins, they don't have a single DB over a 60 grade by ProFootballFocus....that is...bad.  The 49ers aren't a top-tier offense, but they showed last week what they could do against a bad defense when they hung 34 on the Raiders.  We recommend avoiding any action altogether, but if you are gambling to gamble, the 49ers are on the 50.1% chance side of the coin flip, in our opinion.  

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