March Madness Power Rankings

The NCAAB March Madness Power Rankings are here! We ranked all 68 tournament teams and added some special analysis for this week’s edition. DO NOT fill out your bracket without looking at this information and our in-depth insight. Get our March Madness package and bracket for only $25 today. 

You’ll see we added columns for Power Ranking Seed and Seed +/-. The Power Ranking Seed is the seed we would have put a respective team at based on their ProMathletics Power Ranking. The Seed +/- is the differential between our projected seeding and what the committee awarded each team. You will see positive value, meaning they are under seeded in GREEN, and negative value, meaning they are over seeded in RED. The teams in GREEN have positive value especially with a differential of 2 or more. The teams in RED have negative value especially at -2 or more. We see positive value in Auburn, Iowa State, Florida, Saint Marys, Oregon, and Ohio State. We see negative value in LSU, Marquette, Mississippi, VCU, Washington, and St. Johns.

Additionally, we put color to the Last 10 column. This will help you visualize who is hot and who is not. Always a big factor going into tournament play. Surprisingly the bottom third of the rankings has the most green! Watch out for those sleepers that are sneaky hot right now.

March Madness is here, don’t forget to get your ProMathletics March Madness package for $25. Use code HOOP$ for 50% off until the 19th

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