Let's F*#@ing Skol

"20 sacks or bust" no, no you sick pervert, I'm not talking about a Jenna Jameson gang bang. I'm talking about the number of sacks for a 6'6 245 lbs freak of an athlete who put on another 5 lbs of muscle this off season. A defensive end who recorded 12.5 sacks last year (3rd in the league) and didn't start one game for #skolnation.


Danielle Hunter of the Minnesota Vikings is an emerging star on an already highly touted Defense.  He's recorded 18.5 career sacks while starting 1 game the last 2 years. Yes, 1 game! However, Hunter should start every game this year, which should mean more sacks causing Vikings fans to blow their Gjallarhorns, if you know what I mean.


Not only is #Skolnation in love, but Vegas is too. Currently, Bovada has Hunter at 22/1 odds to win Defensive POY, behind only 7 other players. So let's fucking Skol you might say. I say lets look further into this.


In three years at LSU, he recorded only 4.5 sacks. Last year 8 of his 12.5 sacks came in the 4th quarter when he was well rested. Remember most O-lines last year vs. Minnesota saw a lot of snaps because Minnesota's offense rarely strung together a legit drive, 3 and outs were about as common as an Adrian Peterson surgery.  Additionally, consider JJ Watt, who put up 20.5 sacks his 2nd year then came back with only 10.5 his 3rd year. There are many more examples of regression after a big 2nd year.


So can Hunter "buck up" and become a 20 sack DE?  History says probably not. #Skolnation will definitely still need to rely on the other studs on the defensive side of the ball, but I believe he will make the next step, having a significant positive impact on one of the league's best defenses.  Either way, I'm pretty sure everyone will be ok with another 10+ sack season.


Stay disciplined, a heater is right around the corner



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