Historical Performance: Parlay Bets 2016 & 2017

We previously published a post on the straight bet results using our SuperContest picks each week from 2016 and 2017. This week’s post will use that same format, but will look at your return had you bet a 5-Team parlay instead of, or in conjunction with those straight bet wagers. If you did not see our first post on straight bets, you can find that on our site or through this link 2016 & 2017 Historical Performance

When it comes to validation of historical performance in the gambling world, it is a Joe vs Joe pissing contest 90% of the time. Unlike the regulated markets of equities and securities, there is no way to track an individual managers performance. People consistently ask us to send historical performance and we do, but it seems to fall on deaf ears more times than not. In a display of documented and proven performance by way of The Las Vegas SuperContest, we will lay out exactly what you would have returned betting a 5-Team parlay based on using just our 5 weekly SuperContest picks from 2016 and 2017. 

What is the Las Vegas SuperContest you ask? The SuperContest is the world’s single largest handicapping contest held annually throughout the NFL regular season.  This contest is hosted and managed by the Westgate Superbook, which is the largest sports book in the world.  The contest requires each entrant to pay a fee of $1,500, and then pick 5 NFL games against the spread on a weekly basis.  It is basically The World Series of Poker…but for professional and big-spending amateur handicappers.  The top 100 in the standings at the end of week 17 in 2018 win cash prizes.  The 2017 winner took home $1,327,000 for first place.  In 2016, ProMathletics (Entry Name: OhioAgainstTheWorld) finished with a record of 49-35-1 good for 76th place out of 1615 entries.  In 2017, ProMatheltics (Entry Name: @ProMathletics) finished with a 50-33-2 record good for 82nd place out of 2406 entries.  To our knowledge, we are the only group who has finished in the top-100 over the last two seasons.

Below is a weekly outline of the results of the picks from 2016 and 2017 for the 5 games we took in the SuperContest. You will see in the weeks that we went 5-0 you would have cashed hard on your 5-Team Parlay bet with an expected juice of +2450. You can validate our weekly and end of season SuperContest standings by visiting the following page and looking up the entry names above for the respective years www.fantasysupercontest.com.

2016 parlay results

These results assume that you had a starting bankroll of $1,000, and wagered $100 on a 5-Team parlay using the 5 Super Contest picks each week, we assumed the games all had lines of -110 to calculate the parlay payout value. If you can find better juice or greater parlay payouts, great! Your performance would have only gone up.

Based on the wagering results of the 2016 SuperContest entries, you would have returned 595% on your starting bankroll as you won $5,950 over the course of the season by wagering $100 on each Parlay. We hit three 5-Team parlays throughout the season! That’s a 17 week return of 595%, if you annualize that it equates to approximately 1,820%. Good luck getting that in the stock market or on your average real estate deal.

Let’s do the same exercise with the 2017 SuperContest picks selections for ProMathletics.

2017 parlay results

Based on the wagering results of the 2017 SuperContest entries you would have returned 85% on your starting bankroll, as you won $850 over the course of the season by wagering $100 on each parlay. That’s a 17 week return of 85%, if you annualize that, it equates to approximately 260%. Additionally, over the course of 2 years you would have been up $6,800 or 680%, a fairly sizeable return for a small wager placed each weekend!

If you take this one step further and you combine it with the straight bet results from 2016 & 2017, which were $1,050 and $1,370 respectively. Your total return on a $2,000 bankroll ($1,000 for each wager category) would have been $9,220. So if you would have bet $100 on each SuperContest game, and bet $100 on a 5-Team parlay each week, you would be up $9,220 over the course of two years!!! Guys, we can’t make this stuff up.

As you can see our results in the SuperContest validate our historical performance benchmark of 60% win rate on our NFL regular season selections. For information on our packages, our SuperContest page, and historical pick selections by game, please visit ProMathletics.com and start winning today! Again, if you did not read the first article on Straight bets, you can find that on our blog or through this link 2016 & 2017 Historical Performance

Look for our piece on teaser performance using the same picks coming next week.

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