Green(Zone) Bay Packers in a Rush

We had a slight hiccup last week, with our first negative week of the season.  Those are going to happen, but a 4-5 performance is just a blip on the radar for the mountain of CHEESE we'll be stacking throughout the course of the entire season.


Tonight we are taking the Green Bay Packers to cover the 7 points against the visiting, divisional opponent, Chicago Bears.  This is what we call a "feel good" GreenZone game.  We have plenty of these plays coming from the proprietary algorithm that make your stomach turn a little bit waiting in anticipation... The Texans +14 at New England was one and so were the 49ers at Seahawks was two weeks back.  Well, taking Aaron Rodgers at home against the Glennon-led Bears definitely doesn't inspire any of that same queasiness.



Green Bay has been a little up and down so far this year, but still comes into the game sporting a 2-1 record after wins at home against the Seahawks and Bengals.  Neither of those teams are playing particularly well so far this year, but the Packers have done enough to show us their offense is going to be at least top 10-ish again this year.  The Bears have shown glimpses (did they really beat the Steelers last week...what?) of being improved from last year, but they should still be in the 25-32 range when it's all said and done.  Advantage: ARod


On the defensive side of the ball it's pretty much the same story... The Bears have improved their roster a little bit over last year's absolute dumpster fire of a unit, but they still have a long way to go before they can be top 15 in the league.  The Packers bread is probably never going to be buttered by their defense, but at WORST case they are still easily a positive pick-up over da bears.  Lambeau Field, Primetime, Aaron Rodgers, Mike Glennon...the system says GO PACK GO and who the hell are we to say no?!  This one is going to get ugly, as many of the Thursday Night Football games do, don't miss out on that Green!

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