Don't (Color) Rush into this One

These are the picks everyone loves to hate.  It’s Thursday night, we’ve all been waiting to collect from our bookies again after that 7-3 GreenZone (+1-0 Yellow) performance last week, your boss has been being a dick the last 3 days, your girl is nagging you about everything… you want to be able to just crush a couple coldies, make some money the good ol’ fashion American way and feel alive again!  Well my friends, patience is a virtue...tonight is not your night.


Every other tout will give you a play with conviction tonight even though the game is about a volatile as they come.  We are here to make money and for our subscribers/followers to do the same.  We aren’t touching this game with our hard-earned greenbacks and suggest you do the same.  There won’t be any unit suggested size and we wouldn’t recommend taking it for anything more than an “entertainment bet”.  With that being said, if you have to make a pick in a pool or are dying for a little $20 football viewing ride, we suggest rolling with the Rammers (-2.5) as RedZone road favorites at the far less than intimidating Levi Stadium.


We see minimal value in taking the Rams against a 49ers squad who played well on the road last week in Seattle.  The Rams defense thus far has played strong, basically picking up where it left off last year as a top-10ish unit.  Surprisingly, the Rams offense has been competent this year which is a HUGE improvement over last year.  New HC, McVay, has put a system in place that has allowed 2nd year QB Goff to not look like a complete asshole thus far.  If they can maintain this level of offensive output for a full season they may actually be over .500 for the first time in 25 years (note that is not the actual stat…but has to be close!).  We aren’t completely sold and backing them as a road favorite on a short travel week is more risk than we are willing to take on a “hunch” for a game that isn’t registering value on our proprietary statistical models.


We stress it to our paid subscribers and practice it week in and week out…we don’t have to be 65% correct on every single game to make money.  We just need to identify those games that are in our wheelhouse and strategically manage our bankroll when we get the green light.  We have PLENTY of GreenZone value coming at us this weekend, but tonight isn’t one of them.  Last week’s subscribers were rewarded with a STUPID 7-3 GreenZone record which was good for a breathtaking 21 UNITS!  On the season our suggested plays have resulted in 35.25 Units (69% win rate)!  That’s two full weeks, guys…+35.25.  If you are betting a 10k bankroll that’s $3,525.  Help us help you and take a peek at this week’s picks with a one-week NFL pass!


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