Burgh Alert: Time to Steel Some Units!

There are a lot of rumblings from NFL players and coaches that Thursday Night Football needs to be done away with.  The validity of the safety issue concern can be debated by other talking heads, all we know is we LOVE it!  Thursday Night Football is basically an excuse to pretend you are still in college and drink before the weekend is actually here.  What's even nicer about ProMathletics Thursdays is you get to make money each week while doing said football watching and drinking.  Not a bad deal.


Last week we kept the win train rolling with a 5-3 performance on our suggested plays.  We now sit at an even 62% win rate in the GreenZone and have stacked up 80.15 Units of American Cheddar.


Tonight, we look to the Killa Beez of Pittsburgh (-7) to blow the tits off the visiting Titans.  We see this as a 10-point game due to the overall superiority of the Steelbois.  We have them as basically a top-5 offense AND a top-5 defense, while the Titans are so average it hurts.  The Titans were the talk of the town after their off-season moves, but we have them as a middle of the pack offense and a slightly worse than average defense.  They really don't hold any statistical advantage over the Steelers and the short-travel week is always a little bit of an edge to the home team.


The one thing holding this line back is the lack of consistency of the Steelers.  They struggled for much of the game last week against the lowly Colts and all the Joes out there are holding on to that last data point.  We maintain a more comprehensive view because of that proprietary blend of spices and seasonings (actually...they are all just numbers) and don't get fooled by small sample blips.  Another aspect of this game we like is that the Killer Beez (Ben, Bell and Brown) can turn it the fuck on when they want to.  They don't come out and directly say it, but their effort isn't a secret...these guys play when they feel like it.  A national TV audience at home before a nice 10-day break is the exact type of setting these guys will rip it up.  By the end of the game we are all going to be wondering if the Steelers are the best team in the league and refreshing our phone apps to see that extra ching in there heading into the weekend!



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