Big Ten ADs Seeking Transparency

The trend toward legalized sports betting is making college football a level playing field.

The Big Ten Athletic Directors are asking the NCAA Football Oversight Committee to consider a weekly national injury report. Currently, college football teams do not have to disclose any injuries and many coaches use that to their advantage. The NFL has an injury mandate where teams must be much more transparent in the days leading up to kickoff. The ADs are not asking to mimic the NFL, but want something comparable.  If this does happen, the question then becomes how reliable is the information? There are over 100 Division I teams and to regulate universities for what could or could not be an injury becomes difficult and credibility of injuries could be questioned.

If passed, this will be a nice little boost for the gambling world. The days of placing a bet thinking Johnny from State is healthy only to find out the kid can’t even put on his cleats because his hammy is shredded would at least be over.  Currently, our college football data analysis sniffs out injuries and allows us to kick many games that are uncertain due to injury but, the injury report will be beneficial and put everyone on somewhat of even playing field.

Greater injury transparency would only lead to more value for ProMathletics. Every year, we take advantage of the public’s over/under value of certain players versus their replacements.  Often, we see an overreaction, but the clearer the picture we have, the greater confidence we have in our analysis, which will most certainly lead to more wins and more cheddar.

While we are hopeful that some form of injury report will be implemented this season, we are confident that the trend toward legalized sports gambling will force the college football ranks to provide more information in the very near future.  In the meantime, check out all our products, so you can join in the winning right now.

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