Betting the Monday Night NFL Doubleheader


Monday Night Football


It’s important to look for silver linings in 2020 and one of the silverest linings we can see is we are getting 3 NFL games during the week more often. I hope this is the NFL testing out how this could work as a scheduling plan moving forward, but that may be wishful thinking. Nevertheless, we have two games tonight, including one that starts at 5 o’clock. Embrace it, because 5 PM Monday football is awesome.


Kansas City Chiefs (-3 LIVE) @ Buffalo Bills

This game opened at 3.5 and has run all the way to 5.5 as of this afternoon. This does not warrant a pregame wager. The Chiefs are the best team in the league and the Bills are probably somewhere in the 10-15 range. While the Bills defense is decent, KC is not too far behind them.  The way to beat the Chiefs is for sustainable drives, shorten the game, and get some turnovers. Buffalo has an average offense that thrives on big plays. That rarely works against a team like the Chiefs for the entire game. The strategy here is to hope the Bills jump out to an early lead and hope the live line dips to 3 and hop all over the Chiefs and watch them score rapidly as the Bills attempt to keep up.


Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys (PK)

These are two fairly evenly matched teams, especially with the health issues Dallas is facing. Arizona was a lot of people’s sexy pick to be successful this year, but many times those prognostications come a year early and that seems to be what has happened this year. The Kyler/Hopkins connection should definitely be on display tonight, but look for Andy Dalton, who is best described as a fine quarterback, to take the Cowboys back to the old offense of focusing on the run and using play actions off of those Zeke inspired stacked boxes. Dallas knows every win gets them that much closer to a 7-9 division crown and tonight would be a big step towards losing in the 1st round of the playoffs again.



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