A Little Monday Night Mystery...

Business as usual for the ProMathletics boys this weekend.  The GreenZone was 5-2 and was good for another 14.7 units…racking up the 5-week NFL season total to +60.55.  Those stats almost sound too good to be true, but when you are 24-13-1 for a 64.9% win rate, you stack up some serious returns.  Stay disciplined and there’s no reason we can’t continue to compound this thing as the weeks roll on.


Speaking of discipline, that’s the exact approach we are taking tonight.  This game is an

absolute noise factory with the return of Sam Bradford (how healthy is he?) and the first ever start for Bears rookie, Mitchell Trubisky.  Our proprietary models had this one right at a 2.5 to 3.5 point game in favor of the visiting Minnesota Vikings.  It’s likely the Vikes should get a slight bump here with the return of Bradford, but we don’t know if that’s 1 point or 4 points.  We aren’t in the business of making guesses when there isn’t enough data to create an objective assessment.  With that same notion in mind, a guess is about the best you can do when you’re looking at a rookie’s first career start.  This is a divisional game on Monday Night Football, so the juices will be flowing for both sides.  Our recommendation is to enjoy what should be a quality game and take Minnesota in the RedZone extremely small if you need action or have to make a pick in a pool.


In general, we like the Vikings consistently solid defense against what could potentially be a very shaky first start for Trubisky.  That being said, the model results are more than enough for us to be happy to sit on our profits from the weekend and wait for next weekend to get some easy-to-squeeze juice. 

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