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Wednesday Night Baseball - Red Sox at Yankees

Wednesday Night Baseball - Red Sox at Yankees

Whewww...this was NOT the start the Red Sox or Yankees were looking to get out to in 2019 after having won 108 and 100 regular season games respectively last year.  The combined record that is 8 games under .500 is a cold splash of water into the face of each fan-base with World Series aspirations, but the good news is they still each have over 140 games to position themselves for another post-season run.  We have two valued picks for subscribing customers today,
Monday Night Baseball - Reds at Dodgers

Monday Night Baseball - Reds at Dodgers

After winning 4 straight the Reds winning streak came to an end last night, as they got beat by the Cardinals 9-5. Former Dodger, Yasiel Puig, finally got on the board with his 1st home run. He will look to keep a hot bat as his new team heads west to face his old squad in a 3-game series. The Dodgers finally ended a six-game losing streak last night as they beat the Brewers 7-1. Clayton Kershaw makes his season debut tonight.  Kershaw dealt with some shoulder inflammation this spring that shut him down for a couple of weeks.
Final NBA Power Rankings

Final NBA Power Rankings

The NBA regular season has come to a close.  Since the change to the best of 7 format in 2003, we have rarely seen any big upsets in the the 1st ro...

The #1 Verified Sports Betting Advisor

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