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NFL football betting picks for week 7 against the spread with positive expected value

NFL Week 7 Winners

We have six plays for NFL Week 7.  We went a juiceful and useful 5-1 last week and are looking to keep the good vibes rolling to Moneyville, USA this weekend!
College Football Week 8 Winners

College Football Week 8 Winners

  We went 3-1 last week, moving us back into the black on the season.  Big 10 Football is back and, lucky for us, we have some B1G acton. Ohio Sta...
Thursday Night Football - Giants at Eagles

Thursday Night Football - Giants at Eagles

    We Connor McGregor strut into week 7 after a dominant 5-1 (+23.4 units) performance last week.  This season has been unlike any other we have ...
Betting the Monday Night NFL Doubleheader

Betting the Monday Night NFL Doubleheader

    It’s important to look for silver linings in 2020 and one of the silverest linings we can see is we are getting 3 NFL games during the week m...
NFL betting predictions against the spread for Week 6 for live odds with positive expected value winners

NFL Week 6 Winners

We have six plays for NFL Week 6.  Can we pull off the coveted undefeated week?!
College Football Week 7 Winners

College Football Week 7 Winners

Tough week last week taking us back to even on the year. Tennessee blew the 2nd half, Miss St. decide to toss 5 picks, and Pitt missed the PAT to s...

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You guys have completely transformed my gambling process.  Before I signed up, I just thought it was about picking winners.  Boy was I wrong. I have had winning seasons where I still lost money.  You have opened my eyes to focus on capturing value and taking advantage when opportunities present themselves.  This has been my most successful season yet.  Thank you thank you thank you! 

Tom J

I knew a couple guys using the ProMathletics model that were consistently making money but hated the idea of using someone else’s pick to gamble. After a couple losing lessons, I finally got the push I needed. You set aside your bankroll and they send you their picks with a unit system which is very easy to understand along with very entertaining write ups. After the money I’m up this year I’d never deviate from the system, if they sent me an email and told me to live in a van down by the river, well I’d be living in a van down by the river and not because of the money I’m up.

Will G

I just wanted to thank the team at Promath! I never bet on games before this year because I didn't want to lose money. With Promath I'm not gambling, it's a money making system. The added bonus is the way these guys do the write-ups. They're filled with valuable info and they're witty and funny. Great job guys!

Corey R

Before I got onboard with the ProMathletics boys and their original way of wagering, I was just like every other schmuck small time gambler.  I would bet a game or two willy-nilly every Sunday...lose... and then chase the night game like a sucker, trying to break even. These guys have really changed the game. I have gone from hoping not to lose money to confidently wagering and EXPECTING monetary returns aka...Fun Coupons. This season has been a lot more enjoyable and exponentially more profitable thanks to Promathletics!

Nick K

​You guys are terrific! My last two years gambling have been just that, terrific, and that is thanks to ProMathletics and my over 60% win rate!!! Your tactical and analytical approach to betting is outstanding and I couldn’t be happier. From the outstanding picks to the guidance on unit size, you guys have shaped me into a smarter gambler. THANKS! 

John P

​I'm a logical guy and typically wouldn't trust someone if they told me they have a way to beat the odds but ProMathletics has the results to back it up. I started betting with promathletics in October of 2016 and have been cashing in ever since. If you trust the process over the course of the season there is no doubt you will win money. ProMathletics gives the casual gambler a HUGE advantage.

Chris T

 I would like to express how pleased I am with your work this year. Not only were your picks outstanding but the use of units and putting value on the spread has helped make my money management has been much better. Recently you have also given guidance on how many units to adjust if I don't get the same spread as you. An example was the Monday night Steeler game. I did not get as good a spread as you and you told me it was still good bet but lower my wager and if it went half a point worse no bet on this game. THAT IS GREAT STUFF! By the way you were right on!

Carl M

This is the fourth handicapper site I’ve bought into and it’s by far the best for NFL picks. I love their easy to understand system for what games, how much to bet, and why. Their write ups are my favorite part. You can tell these guys put in the work and really know what they’re talking about. Just look at their track record, numbers don’t lie. If you’re serious about making money so consistently that it barely feels like “gambling”, look no further.

Greg H

Do you feel comfortable while betting? I know I used to, but you shouldn’t. Since subscribing to ProMathletics I can honestly say I’ve more than questioned a lot of their picks; but I trust their model, process and efficient bankroll management. Where has that gotten me? It’s produced a significant ROI and an actual profit. The important aspect that sets them apart from the rest are their dedication to bankroll management and providing alternative unit sizes when a line shifts for/against your favor. Hop on board and join the ride – because it’s a fun one. Thanks and keep up the great work, boys. Dilly Dilly!

Bobby C